The Lighthouse

Khurram Kha anxiously glimpsed at the trickling sand in the hourglass. Glanced up towards the night sky, and then gazed at the frothy ivory waves lit up by the moonlight, lashing on the ancient and rugged rocky cliff-shore, on which stood his lighthouse, and finally looked at his daughter standing on the edge of theContinue reading “The Lighthouse”


Radar Language Download PDF Watch Edit For other uses, see Radar (disambiguation). Radar is a detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle, or velocity of objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, spacecraft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather formations, and terrain. A radar system consists of a transmitter producing electromagnetic waves in the radio or microwaves domain, a transmitting antenna, a receiving antenna (often the same antenna is usedContinue reading “RADAR”

Ddd Respond to this post by replying above this line New post on GALLIVANCE Chihuly and “The Spirit of the Maker” by Bourbon whiskey gets much of its aromatic flavor, and all of its rich amber color from months, and often years, of resting in charred, white oak barrels. When the aging process is complete, the bourbonContinue reading “”


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