1. What is a computer?

2. How many generations of computers are there?

3. What are the categories of computers?

4. What is software?

5. What is hardware?

6. What are storage media?

7. What does the acronym CPU stands for?

8. What do the acronyms ROM and RAM stand for?

9. What is the difference between input and output?

10. What is the difference between data and information?

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1. A computer is an electronic machine operating under the control of instructions.

2. There are three generations of computers.

3. The categories of computer are supercomputer, mainframe computer and personal computer.

4. Software is the program or instructions that make the computer work.

5. Hardware is the physical and electronic component of the computer system.

6. Storage media are the physical materials that user stores data, information and instructions on for future use.

7. CPU – Central Processing Unit.

8. ROM – Read Only Memory & RAM – Random Access Memory.

9. Input is what is entered into the computer, while output what you seen on the monitor or what is printed out.

10. Data is what is entered into to the computer to be processed, while information is processed data.

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